I can improve your social media or business profile and get you blogging and communicating for success

I save my clients time and effort, improve their professional LinkedIn and social media profiles or business profiles and websites, and increase their visibility to potential clients, customers, their boss or supervisor, or their dream new company.

I work with businesses and individual clients who want to:

-> Increase their sales

-> Connect with potential customers

-> Establish their unique value and secure their reputation as reliable industry authorities

-> Impress their boss and get that promotion

-> Position themselves perfectly to land their dream job

-> Improve their own written communication and learn how to DIY

My clients achieve up to 600% increases in their profile views and visibility in search results.

I have helped:

-> Business development executives build their connections

-> Consultants build their personal brand and unique niche to improve sales conversations

-> Trainers and tradespeople to attract new clients

-> Real estate agents to get more listings

-> Job seekers to land the perfect role

-> Employees to be noticed and supported to advance in their field

-> Businesses to win new customers and showcase their success stories

-> Companies to win new financial backing

My clients also learn for themselves how to write for influence and success. I provide tools, templates and coaching to clients who want to develop their own skills.

I use my extensive background in business and my writing experience to work with professionals and companies from around the world on many different types of writing projects. No matter what your requirements and goals are, I can help you.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m writing for magazines including The Cruising Helmsman and Adventure Parenting Asia-Pacific; working on my first book; preparing my PhD proposal in organisational change management for commencement in 2019; and living and sailing aboard our 40ft catamaran, currently on the east coast of Australia.

Gesine Berger – LinkedIn Profile

“I would highly recommend Raylene’s professional, time saving service to anyone looking to update their LinkedIn profile or business websites. I initially wondered whether Raylene would be able to help me write something regarding my own field of expertise, as it is different to her own background, but she took the time to talk through my background and experience, to understand my point of view and my goals and she was able to help me update my LinkedIn profile so that it perfectly reflects my background, my point of view and my character, not just a generic blurb.  The response has been so positive, I have received respect and positive comments from peers and management and more recognition in my field.  Her ability to write from anyone’s view/angle, and to help you to articulate and express perfectly what you really want to say is just awesome.”

Gesine Beger, Electrical Fitter Mechanic Apprentice, Energex

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Travelling with Teens


As a 13 year old, my parents sold our home in the suburbs and bought a sailing boat. They pulled my brothers and me out of school, and set off on an incredible 12 month adventure to sail the east coast of Australia.

I. Hated. Every. Minute. <Read more>

Letting your children make bad decisions is good for them. Really.


It doesn’t make you a bad parent if your child makes a bad decision.  Let’s get this one out of the way right now.  Your child’s bad decision is not a reflection on your parenting.  What is important is actually how they (and you) deal with it, and what your child learns from the experience.

We all want our kids to have happy successful lives. <Read More>

Got your eye on an office with a view?


We’ve all heard the old adage – ‘if you want to move up in your career, you have to act, think, and communicate like a leader long before that promotion’, but how can you prove your leadership capabilities without a team to lead? <Read more>

How to Position Yourself in Front of Your Competition


Do you have people within your LinkedIn network who seem to be killing it with blog posts?  Are they defining their personal brand and niche. Providing educational, informative, interesting content that you read, like, share and think “I should really get onto doing this myself” before your phone rings, a client calls, your boss or team members need to talk to you, your meeting reminder alarm goes off, or your email folder clammers for your attention again. <Read More>

Trying to write your LinkedIn summary or blog post? 8 steps to take your business writing from ‘Blah’ to ‘Wow’…even if you only use Step 8

Sitting down heavily, he plonks the coffee mug down next to the two cold, half-drunk mugs already beside the keyboard. “Right,” he says out loud to no one in particular and impatiently scratches that spot on the back of his head before leaning forward with his hands poised ominously over the keys. He frowns. His fingers don’t move. Slumping back in his chair again, he stares at the screen.“It really shouldn’t be this hard.” he mutters to himself shaking his head. Is this you every time you go to update your profile, write a new blog post, or draft that winning proposal?  <Read more>