Vivid Verbs for Visualization


A verb is an action word, it’s something that you do. Not all verbs are equal. “Enthusiastically motivate” is a verb plus an adverb, but “Galvanise” is a vivid verb that conveys exactly what you mean.

Vivid verbs remove the need for adverbs and tighten up your writing. See below for a link to my favourite vivid verb list. vividverblist

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Nuturers AND executives?


In my day job, as a business consultant and manager, I had the privilege of working with many amazing, brilliant women. Women who, in my humble opinion, could be outstanding leaders in any organisation. I was also an activist within my workplace for diversity, inclusiveness, gender balance and reducing the unconscious bias that can occur in the workplace. One evening, we hosted a women in leadership networking event and heard two outstanding female executives speak about their experiences and their successes and how they achieved that, but it was a story a colleague shared during the discussion following that really caught my attention. <Read more>

Musings of a mother on mother’s day


Let go of your own agendas; your own need for kudos. You’re the adult and they’re the kid. Find your thankyou’s and congratulations for being a great mentor elsewhere.”  –

It’s Mother’s Day here in Australia, and like lots of the celebrations of our society that have a ton of expectation associated with them (Birthday’s and Christmas spring to mind) I’m not a fan.  <Read more>

The Accident


I can smell it still, before my eyes are even open. That distinctive, rusty, smell of blood and it brings it all flooding back. I open my eyes a crack and feel for the phone on the floor next to the couch. I bring my hand up to my face and sniff, even though I know it’s just in my head. I washed all of the blood off last night. <Read more>



The Ride


I run my hand over the sleek black faring, my eyes raking the smooth curve of the wind shield, back over the streamlined tank and narrow seat that I know fits my body perfectly, to the tidy, tight rear end. This is one sexy bike. I remember the first time I saw her, 8 years ago now, the day I bought her brand new off the showroom floor.  <Read more>