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My client is a German-Australian woman doing an apprenticeship with the state electrical supply company Energex in Queensland.  She had worked in a variety of roles prior to commencing the apprenticeship and wanted to highlight how her previous experience was relevant to her new career.  She was also keen to position herself for career development on completion of her apprenticeship. Using a focused personal interview to tease out key details of previous roles and how they related to her current and future career direction, every section of her LinkedIn profile was updated.


On completion of her new profile she was able to confidently reach out to and connected with a number of her senior management team members. This resulted in her identifying a career mentor with whom she now mets regularly to speak about her career development.  She has been recognised through appointments as an Apprentice representative to key committees and has also received respect and positive comments from peers and management for her professional approach.

“I would highly recommend Raylene’s professional, time saving service to anyone looking to update their LinkedIn profile or business websites. I initially wondered whether Raylene would be able to help me write something regarding my own field of expertise, as it is different to her own background, but she took the time to talk through my background and experience, to understand my point of view and my goals and she was able to help me update my LinkedIn profile so that it perfectly reflects my background, my point of view and my character, not just a generic blurb.  The response has been so positive, I have received respect and positive comments from peers and management and more recognition in my field.  Her ability to write from anyone’s view/angle, and to help you to articulate and express perfectly what you really want to say is just awesome.”

Gesine Beger, Electrical Fitter Mechanic Apprentice, Energex

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